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Kramer Fish has multipul filleting companies. In our filleting plants, we process many different types of fish. We filleted by machine or manually by hand. We fillet the fresh fish from our partners, but also our own fish for internal use for further processing.

We are specialized in processing North Sea flatfish, such as: Plaice, Flounder and Dab. We also produce frozen (headed & gutted) species such as Rocksole and Yellowfin. We process it in fillets, pan-ready or steaks for our clients. In addition, we fillet whole Salmon from Norway into fillets.

Most of our employees have more than 20 years of experience in filleting fish, this makes our efficiency high and we can always guarantee a product with high quality.

"High quality efficiency from our own filleting companies"


Kramer Fish has two computer-controlled grading lines. With which we sort our fish accurately to the gram. Every week we process fresh whole fish and various frozen fish products in the range of 0 to 1500 grams. The fresh fish is collected in tubs and frozen fish is packed directly in the following ways:

– Pack in boxes of 3 to 10 KG

– After breading, immediately sort the product by weight and pack it

– Pack in industrial boxes up to 300 KG

We use 300kg boxes for further processing. For example, we can sort portions and then pack them by weight in retail boxes.

"Grading our fish accurately to the gram"

Freezing & glazing

Kramer Fish has various facilities for freezing fish. We have state-of-the-art freezing lines in our factories. By freezing the fish quickly, the structure and quality is not affected and the taste is retained.

To protect the fish (fillet) even better against dehydration, we can add an glaze layer to the product. The glazing layer (water layer) can vary in percentage. We use crystal clear water for glazing, so that the fish, when frozen, also has a beautiful appearance. The product is automatically packed in various types of boxes after freezing.

"Freezing and glazing our fish to preserve the quality"


Kramer Fish has several sawing machines on which we can saw industrial fish blocks in different shapes. We can saw from fillet blocks: squars, rectangles, trapeziums, fish fingers, cubes and strokes for ‘kibbeling’. In addition, we also have hand saws with which we can saw frozen fillets or portions.

Zagen blokken
"A fillet product exactly cut in size and weight"


Kramer Fish has several breading lines on which we can coat our fish with bread crumbs. It’s always important that the coating tastes good with the type of fish.

Kramer Fish built up long cooperations with various bread crumb manufacturers. We share our knowledge with our customers and help deliver an product that meets all demands.

Our team will guide you in determining the right coating for your fish product. We also keep track of the latest trends such as, battered, gluten-free and multigrain coating styles. Don’t fotget to take a look at our pre-frying and forming productions.

"We can assist you in determining the right coating"


Kramer Fish has two advanced prefrying lines on which we can (pre) bake fish products. By pre-frying our coated products, we make them suitable for use in the oven and airfryer. We produce a large range of popular products, we can use the raw material from our clients or provide you with our own sourced raw material.

In addition, we can compile an exclusive product for clients and produce it with a unique type of bread crumbs or different prefrying times.

"We can pre-fry our coated products to make them oven and airfyer suitable"


Kramer Fish has multipul packaging machines on which we can process different types of packaging. Our production lines can also print basic label information on the packing. This way we can offer our customers various private label products in a fairly simple way. We can process packaging types in various sizes and types:

Retail / sprinter boxes, printed plastic bags, vacuum packaging, MAP / gas packaging & Industrial cardboard packaging.

"We have an suitable packaging for every product or target group"

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