Our products

Breaded seafood

Kramer Fish has a large assortment with different types of bread crumbs.

By combining types of bread crumbs with different production methods, we add a higher taste sensation to the product.

Thanks to our coating suppliers, we can supply almost all types of coating styles, and we can always introduce you to the latest trends.

"We add an exceptional taste experience to our fish products"


To guarantee a product of the highest quality, we have built various international partnerships for the delivery of our fish.

Thanks to our good cooperation with our partners, we can import and process a wide variety of raw materials. In addition, we have 2 own vessels fishing at the Northsea and we buy fish daily at the fish auctions.

"We buy our seafood directly at the source"

Products sawed from fillet blocks

Kramer Fish can saw frozen fish fillet or industrial fillet blocks in a different shape. This way, the fillet structure remains present in an product. We can for example saw: squares, cubes, strokes and trapeziums from whole fillet.

"A fillet product exactly cut in size and weight from fillet blocks"


Kramer Fish has a wide range of pre-fried products. Pre-fried seafood is very suitable for baking in the oven or airfryer.

"Pre-fried seafood is easy to prepare in the oven or airfryer"

Moulded from fillets blocks

Kramer Fish has a special moulding machine where industrial fillets blocks can be converted into a different shapes under high (hydromechanical) pressure. The advantage of this processing method is that the moulded product retains the fish structure and quality.

"Diepvries filet onder hoge druk stansen zodat de visstructuur behouden blijft"

‘Our production is driven by our passion for quality’