Kramer Fish your best choice for quality

At Kramer Fish, we believe that our factories are driven by our passion for quality, Quality and hygiene play a key role in producing a great product for your clients. That’s why all our production locations are modern and provided with the highest attainable certification. Our factories are unannounced IFS higher level and BRC AA certified. In addition, various supermarkets audit our factories as well, annnually. We are also certified for:

MSC certification for sustainably caught fish
ASC certification for sustainably farmed fish
BIO certification for organic products
FDA certification for export USA
We also have an export registration for China

With these certificates our customers meet all gloabel requirements that are needed to sell their products.

‘Our production is driven by our passion for quality’


Today, product traceability is becoming increasingly important. We use an extensive ERP system for our traceability. In this way we can trace every product and production process from the final product back to the origin from the raw material. Even if you have your product processed with us, this information is automatically shared with you by email.

"Our chain is transparent, from ship to shelf"