About Kramer Fish

In 1995 Kramer Fish was founded by Iede Kramer. During the past 25 years, Kramer Fish has grown into an independent and multifunctional fish processor. Our 5 production locations are located in the fishing village of Urk, also known as the flatfish center of Europe.

Our mission is to offer our partners a one-stop-source, where they can outsource all their processes with confidence. We see ourselves as an extension of our partners and help them to process their raw material into a delicious product, which we are both proud of. A selection of our productions are: filleting, freezing, glazing, packaging, breading and pre-frying your fish.

Kramer Fish works a lot with partners in the Netherlands. Our sales team has been put together to effectively guide our customers in their sales processes. We do this by sharing our knowledge and always going one step further. In addition, the supply chain of our products are short and transparent. This enables our partners to deliver a high-quality and competitive product to the market.